Do you need to assign or flip Real Estate you have under contract?

Lately my inbox has been full of emails from frustrated wholesalers with property they're unable to locate a cash buyer for. As an experienced wholesaler who learned from the good ole school of Hard Knocks, I replied to each email with a few tips I managed to pick up along the way. Surprisingly, as I followed up with each person, I found that very few were successful selling the deal in question. Some used the method I suggested on a later deal had success. I ultimately gathered that, when it came down to it, very few were able to produce an immediate result, that is a cash buyer for their deal....and NOW!

Why was this, these were good, tested, proven strategies. What Happened? Well, I will tell you what very few RE gurus will admit. All great strategies only work well when implemented consistently over long periods of time, I'm talking 6 months, a year or more. The ONLY way to sell property immediately is to have a large list of cash buyers that know and trust doing business with you. Nothing has or ever will trump having a competent cash buyers list. But what if you are still working on your buyers list...What do you do? Lose your deal...No way! Not anymore.

Sophisticated wholesalers understand the power of a Joint Venture, also known as a Partnership or Co wholesaling. You see, here at we sell nearly 80 properties a year, and are often asked by fellow wholesalers to advertise their deals to our 3500 + South Florida cash buyers by direct email and via this website.

Now, we would usually only offer this service if specially asked by a colleague we know. However now, the market has changed and our buyers are more hungry than ever for deals...more that we can keep up with these days. To feed their need, we are proud to announce our Joint Venture Program open to the public, yes, that means YOU.

If you have a property under contract you wish to assign/flip in Miami Dade, Broward or Palm Beach County, at wholesale price, and suited for an investor, we want to hear from you. We extend an opportunity to Joint Venture with you to advertise your deal to our large list of investors to get the property SOLD in no time. We offer this service FREE to anyone who has a good deal on their hands. If and when we sell your property, there is 50/50 split in profits to create the ultimate Win for You, Win for Us, and Win for our cash buyer. Here's how it works

For your deal to be considered, you MUST answer YES to all three of the following questions. 

1.) Is the property located in Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach County?

2.) Do you have a exclusive contract with owner of the property?

3.) Does the property have equity or a capitalization rate of at lease 10% when rented? 

If Yes to all, CLICK HERE to get started