What We Do!!

We find profitable real estate investments for Savvy investors seeking South Florida Real Estate. We make offers on distressed real estate to private home owners and Banks of South Florida daily. Simpy put, We find real estate deals that make sense so you don't have too. Our marketing efforts include, but are limited to direct mailings campaigns, road signs, internet marketing, and Realtors. Once we locate deals that make sense, we then sell or assign our "equitable interest" to members of our exclusive buyers network. Most of our best investment deals never make it to our site before being sold to one of our subscribers. Click here to be notified with new deals as they are available. You won't be disappointed!!

Why buy wholesale real estate?

Answer: Here at Quickturnproperties.com, we approach home selling in a unique way. As premier wholesalers, we specialize in Buying Low and Selling low. We pride ourselves in leaving chunks of equity for our first-time homeowners, rehabbers, and landlords to profit from. Because of our aggressive marketing strategies to distressed homeowners, we are able to gain control of properties at huge discounts and pass the savings to you. Unlike your traditional real estate agent, we approach every property focusing on increasing the bottom line for our cash buyers.

Question: What do you mean when you say "ALL CASH OR HARD MONEY"?

Answer: Here at Quickturnproperties.com, we sell distressed properties to cash buyers. All of our deals listed have been negoatied with banks and owners on the terms of an all cash sale. This means there can be no bank financing unless noted otherwise. If you do not have all cash to make a purchase than you may still qualify to buy using "Hard Money". Click here to learn about Hard Money

Question: Do you own these properties?

Answer: No, we may or may not own all properties listed on this site. We do however have "equitable interest" as of the publish date for each property. Our "equitable interest" may be either directly or through an affiliated partner. This gives us the right to SELL or ASSIGN that interest to another party who can then close on the deal and become the new owner.

Question: How long do I have to inspect a property?

Answer: The term "Inspection Period" allows a buyer time to inspect the property themselves or by a hired professional. This time is usually used to determine the value and condition of the property so there won't be any surprises after you have made your purchase. As property wholesalers, we usually have tight timelines to sell our properties, therefore we ask that our buyers do any inspections and investigations prior to entering into contract. We will gladly provide unlimited access to properties until it's sold. Buyers must use this time to do all due diligence, inspections, appraisals, and investigations needed to reach a buying decision.

"If you're an out-of-state buyer, please contact us to learn how we can provide inspection reports and video property showings to make buying experience easier. We provide this service for a very nominal

Question: How Much Earnest Money Deposit will I need?

Answer: Earnest Money deposit will usually be 5% of the purchase price of a property unless noted otherwise. Your earnest money deposit is non-refundable, therefore, we encourage that you're due all due diligence before entering into contract. Our team will work with you closely to provide information about the property to make sure its the best fit for your investment needs. The information that we provide is to the best of our knowledge according to city records and/or owners disclosures to us. To make sure you get accurate info, we always recommend that you do your own inspections, appraisals, and investigations needed to reach a buying decision.