Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Have you watched the News lately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you watched the news lately, better yet have you picked up the newspaper. Or maybe your like me, and you read all the breaking stories online. Well, In case you have missed it, its been reported that the U.S Postal service will be cutting 3000 jobs....Yes 3000 jobs. The jobs of working class citizens that depend on their pay checks to feed their families, pay their car note, put their kids through college and most importantly, pay their mortgages. So what does this have to do with real estate. Well if you see where I going with this then your ahead of the curve. It has everything to do with real estate and the reason why your on this site reading this post. Jobs lost equals more foreclosures which means more inventory you to profit from. Now, before you say it, don't get me wrong, This is very very bad news for our economy and the individuals that must endure such a transition. It would be down right unethical for one to jump for joy upon hearing such news, and I'm not suggesting that you should do so. However for you and I, the real estate investors of the world, this can present itself as an opportunity. Think about it....we hear about another company making cuts every time we turn on the tube. My Question to you is...Do you even recognize all of the opportunities that are available to you right now in this down economy? if you just open the door? Do you understand that most opportunities ceased have manifested from an unfortunate turn of events or in light of someone else's misfortune. Cease the moment and take advantage of these opportunities because someone will and it might as well be YOU!!!

Go out and FlIP THAT HOUSE!!

~Michelle Murray~