Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Having trouble finding good deals?

If you have been investing in South Florida for more then a few years, I should'nt have to tell you that the market has shifted and it's getting increasingly harder to find great deals.

Remember the good ole days of 2011 - 2015 when prices were freakishly low. Even folks who seemingly overpaid then now have equity.  No matter who you are; you wish you had a crystal ball telling your should buy more during those years. If you brought 5, you wish you'd brought 50. If you brought 50 you wish you brought 500.

If its any consolation, just think of those that didn't buy at all. I still have conversations with investors and wholesalers alike, who are kicking themselves you know where because that sat idle waiting for the bottom to hit or the 2nd wave of foreclosures that never came. I've never heard the pain of regret in someones voice until now.

For the folks that actually brought and held something....anything, we're enjoying the pleasure of taking action as we watch our net worth increase every month.

Whether you brought while we were in a buyer's market or not, don't worry, deals are scarce but with a experienced wholesale company like us in your back pocket they can still be found.

Despite the chaos we still manage to find deals reminiscent of 2015.

Yes, even in a seller's market

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