Thursday, June 10, 2010

South Florida Wholesale deals on a platter

If you haven't figured out yet, we are in one of the best real estate markets our generation will likely see. Now think about it..... South Florida wholesale homes are selling for just about the same price as they did in the 80's. Now, 2011, here we are, facing a perfect storm of high rate of South Florida foreclosures, and a huge pool of hungry first time home buyers. lets just say that this will last another 2 years before the market recovers. How long would it takes to come back down? My guess is probably about the same as most savvy South Florida investors that Ive spoken with. It could takes about the same amount of time as it took for us to get to this point. We all are ooh to familiar with how history repeats itself. So my question to you is...Can you afford to wait another 30 + years for your next opportunity to create wealth using buy and hold or fix and flips strategies. How old will you be? How old will your children be? I don't know about you, but I wanna be somewhere in the Caribbean enjoying the fruits of my labor. I want my willingness to seize the moment and create cash flow to be realized. Now is the time to start investing in distressed South Florida real estate....Contact me with your buying criteria and investment goals, so I can deliver you great South Florida wholesale deals on a platter. We provide you with wholesale properties in Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. DO IT NOW!!...YES,NOW... Don't make me say "I told you so".