Sunday, December 30, 2018

How to get high ROI without high risk

Are you a high paid professional or small business owner? You have made an honest living providing a needed product or service then turn paid well? Are now looking for a way to get a high ROI on your savings without high risk?

If yes, then first I will assume a couple things. One that you are doing all the right things with your money, like purposefully living below your means and faithfully putting aside a decent portion of your income each month. Even hiding it from yourself in a separate account to avoid the those, you know; impulse purchases.

Second, you're to the point where your discipline has paid I right? Your money stash has grown handsomely and now it's time to
invest. Why? well, because that's what successful people do. They make money, then have that money make them more and repeat. This is how it's been done throughout history, there's no need in reinventing the wheel now!

So, where are you in your plans to invest? Have you already determined that a traditional savings account, although safe, doesn't excite you at 1% interest. What about the stock market, with its high risk, is it far too volatile for your liking? Don't worry, you're not alone, not even a little bit.

The Dilemma: 

How do you get high ROI with upside without high risk? If you ask your banker or financial planner, he'd probably suggest one of the following. 
  1. Certificate of Deposit: Which can offer a 3%- 5% return at best, pays no monthly dividend, and you can't be touched for a set amount of time, say 3-5 years.
  2. Mutual Funds: Which have the potential to make you money, but also pays no monthly dividend, and can take decades upon decades to grow.
  3. Bonds: Which can offer 3%- 5%, which could pay a dividend, but again you can't touch it for a set amount of time. 
And upside?, forget it, non existent with these methods!

The Solution:

To achieve high returns with upside without high risk you can invest in South Florida real estate for Cash Flow. Investing done our way, the Cash Flow way can provide you returns of 8%-12% with upside through asset appreciation at some point in the future.

You see, when you buy a house, Condo or Multi-Family property with the primary intent to rent and hold long term, you can guarantee your initial investment will grow over time. 

This strategy is much different from Flipping, where one buys primarily to fix and resell for short term gains with no consideration given to cash flow. Made especially popular in recent years by HGTV. Although Flipping in this manner can be very profitable, it's also speculative to an extent. If done wrong can leave you stressed, broke and with a bitter taste about Real estate investing. Although we believe very much in Flipping here at QTP, I'd prefer to leave Flipping to our experienced investors or at the very least, a secondary exit strategy to Cash Flow.

What do I mean? Well consider this..When you buy primarily for Cash Flow you are essentially cutting much of the risk out of Real Estate Investing. Many of the contracts we assign here at Quick Turn Properties can have 8%-12% returns when rented,  allowing you to achieve the high returns you're seeking. 

When it comes to upside, this can be gained through appreciation, which will happen at some point in the future when you sell or borrow against your asset in the future. Whether it's, 5 years or 50 years. History has always shown that all Real Estate appreciates over time. IT'S GUARANTEED!