Monday, December 31, 2018

Our 2019 Commitments to You!

Wow, can you believe it's been a year already, 2018 went by so fast! I want to wish everyone of our investors, Realtors and Wholesalers alike, a prosperous and profitable 2019. If you haven't notice, we've shaken things up a bit here at Quick Turn Properties. We have new team members and a brand new location in Davie to match. Do you have your New Years Resolutions down? Wait before you answer, science shows no one keeps Resolutions, so I'm renaming ours as Commitments. There, that's better. So here it goes, Our 2019 Commitments to you. Have a safe & fun New Years!

Our 2019 Commitments to You!

Twice as many Off Market Deals

We have a very unique marketing strategy to find discounted properties that has been working quite well in recent years. Many don't realize that we sift through hundreds of seller leads in order to bring the best deals your way. With that, we plan on doubling down on our marketing channels this year. Allowing us to bring you twice as many Off market opportunities to choose from. The more the Merrier, right! Stay Tuned!

Better Engagement with Articles on topics we care about

As landlord myself, I've been wanting to share Investor news and insights from my own experiences and others for a long while. It's been a challenge to find time do so with a never ending to do list of seemingly more urgent tasks. I realize that this is a disservice to you. As something I can share may help you in your endeavors. So I will be personally writing and sharing my thoughts and experiences along with tips on land-lording, wholesaling and real estate industry overall in 2019. We will throw in some polls to make it fun. If this email was forwarded to you and you're not on our list - hop on now so you don't miss out. <Click here>

New Look & Feel

If you noticed, Quick Turn Properties doesn't really have a logo. We have a email banner and template yes..but no real logo. Earlier this year we changed our email format to @quickturnproperties to be more congruent with our website...this will stay the same. The thing is, we've been so focused on getting great deals to you that we haven't paid much attention to design, website functionality and branding. With a larger team in place we will have the time to focus more on design and making our website more user friendly and searchable. Look out for that, it should be a game changer. I can't wait to see how you like it.

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